tasek merimbun

Tasik  Merimbun

By; Amir


‘Tasik’ in English is lake . Lake is same as river but there is waterfall in it and have protection Fauna and Flora. It means it is beautiful place and interesting place. Example of lake in Brunei are Tasik Merimbun and Tasik Lama and many.

There are many interesting place in Brunei. One of the Interesting place in Brunei Darussalam is Tasik Merimbun, Tasik Merimbun is the biggest lake in Brunei as well as a tourist hot spot. It is Located In Mukim Rambai in Tutong district and 27 Km from Tutong , The lake is surrounded by Merimbun Heritage park a 7800 hectare park that ,was gezatted as ASEAN Heritage park.

Tasik Merimbun has a dark color. This is due the dye the dye from natural tannin that comes from the leaves falling into the water . The lake supports a rich variety of Fauna including birds, mammals, and reptiles . Visitors can hire a boat for 30 per hour to take them around to explore the lake and  its to islands.

The main attraction of Tasik Merimbun is that the natural wildlife around spectacular lake . Bird watched and nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy what the area has to offer.

Tasik Merimbun also have a freshwater fish ,One of example is Tilapia. In Tasik Merimbun we can fishing there. You can fishing in jetty that provided to us. In Tasik Merimbun also have a garden . There are many Flora for example Rose, water Lily plant and many . It is beautiful.

If you want to see Fauna and flora you can’t go to other countries to see that things. We can also  see at Tasik Merimbun and also If you like fishing you can go there for fishing in jetty provided. You must try to go to Tasik Merimbun .I like to go to Tasik Merimbun because it beautiful and interesting. If you don not ever to go Tasik Merimbun, once you go there you must be explorer to explore the Tasik Merimbun.

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