Pantai Seri Kenangan




The Pantai Seri Kenangan Beach in Brunei is located in the Tutong District. Though there are four other beaches in the district as well, each of them is different from one another. The Pantai Seri Kenangan Beach is undoubtedly the most popular beach. Its location within a short distance of the Kampong Penabia, Kampong Sengkarai and the Kampong Tuala Tutong plays an instrumental role in drawing crowds. The beauty of the coastline stretching over a considerable area and equipped with playgrounds, food kiosks, barbecue facilities and changing rooms make it ideal for family outings and picnics. Its scenic beauty is heightened by an intervening strip of land with the Tutong River on one side and the South China Sea on the other. The beach is also the location of the ‘Istana Pantai’, the royal residence.

The popular activities on the beach include swimming, fishing, picnics or even a leisurely stroll for that matter. As one progresses further and reaches the Kampong Kuala Tutong, a walk through the forest brings one to the old jetty. Earlier this site was used to operate ferry boats before the construction of the present bridge. The Pantai Seri Kenangan beach is a great place to spend a leisurely weekend.

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