Mom’s 53rd Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my mom’s 53rd birthday and the family, including my sister on Facetime, celebrated it during dinner at Rizqun. The food was nice but I’m not gonna spend a blog post talking about what we had. I just had a little presentation at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports the other day, talking about SEEDS and I used a family event as an example to one of the topics I mentioned. I said that as a working adult, we are always looking forward to the weekend where some would use it to spend time with families, celebrating birthdays and that is just what happened yesterday.

The long weekend came as a blessing for both us (The Exclusives) and my bigger family (Hasba). The Little Miss wasn’t feeling well the whole week and by the weekend, I ended up with a flu myself. Thank God for the two day long weekend I got to rest. Yesterday was a lazy day for JuLeZz, the Little Miss and myself. We spent the day resting, watching TV and lots of bumming around. Best part about the day was our quality time with Alya. I only wish that I could take her to work everyday. I think we should have a ‘Take Your Daughter To Work’ day – or son – or child.

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Evening came, we left home feeling refreshed. We went to get my mom’s cake at Mr Baker. I have told myself that I will buy all my cakes from Mr Baker whenever possible because of a number of reasons which I won’t talk about now. We arrived at Rizqun early and left the cake there while we went off to pray and walk a bit around The Mall. I couldn’t ask for anything else. More time with JuLeZz and Alya.

It was finally dinner time and I couldn’t stop eating ambuyat! But what’s even more funny (not that I’m saying me devouring ambuyat is funny) is how Alya held a candas of ambuyat as if she really was allowed to eat it. Every time someone hands her food which she isn’t supposed to eat, or if someone offers it to her, she gives this smile saying “really? I can eat that?”. So cute! She is growing up so fast.

Soon she’ll be turning 1 and then she can eat a lot more things. I can’t wait really.

Speaking of birthdays, back to the topic at hand, during our group photo session for my mom’s birthday, I left the slave flash on the dinner table coz I didn’t have anywhere else to go and the waitress who I asked to take a photo for us kept shooting and shooting before we were even ready. So the flash kept sending bright lights towards us. As a result, all the group shots of us were extremely bright. Thank God for lightroom and RAW files though. Still, there were heavy shadows behind us.

So, to a wife, a mother and a grandmother, I wish all the best to my mom on her new year. Happy birthday!

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