Human on Mars : Is Curiosity Proof of What’s To Come?

Curiosity Rover’s First Photo

I’m not sure where you have been if you don’t know what Curiosity is or if you haven’t heard of the latest news on Mars but just in case you’ve been living under a rock, NASA sent a robot called Curiosity Rover to Mars and after an 8 month journey from Earth, Curiosity landed successfully and a number of images of from the historic event followed suit.

I’ve been following the news on Twitter, Google+ and on various websites since before it landed and have currently accumulated a number of images taken by Curiosity itself or photos related to the event which I thought I’d share and post here. But here’s a thought, an 8 month journey isn’t impossible for a human to go through, does this mean that travelling to Mars will soon be a reality? Perhaps, the main problem would be the travel. Flying through space seeing nothing but the stars passing by with no sense of direction for 8 long months would not be good for your mental health. Even if you’ve gone through that first 8 months, another 8 months of travelling back would equal 16 (provided that you don’t end up marrying a martian)! Who’d want to travel through vacuum that long? Even we get crazy driving through an open road of nothingness with the same horizon in front for one long hour.

In any case, this is a great achievement for mankind, proof of many possibilities for space travel. We have gone far from Columbus and the moon.

[Photos after the break]

Click on the photos for the higher resolution images.

MSL’s Shadow on Martian Surface

First High Resolution Photo Received

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Catches Photo of Curiosity’s Supersonic Parachute and Heat Shield Separation

Inside Gale Crater Looking at Peak of Mt. Sharp – View From Front of Rover

First Color Image from MSL on Surface of Mars taken with Mars Hand Lens Imager

Taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE Camera : location of all parts of curiosity after landing


The following are various close-up photos of the parts.

Skycrane landing site

Parachute and back shield landing site

Heat shield

Below is an “oblique” view of a photo taken 24 hours after the landing from inside Gale Crater. You can download the high resolution image here (warning, image is about 7MB in size).

Oblique shot

Photos of before and after the dust was removed

Comparison of Curiosity Rover (right) to other rovers and man


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