Curiosity Killed The Cat And The Rest

What really happened

Google+ is an amazing platform – though I’m still a number 1 Twitter user but G+ comes in second. One of the most powerful feature of G+ is the hashtag view. Much like Twitter, searching a hashtag will open a stream of public posts by users in and outside your circle. Best part is, it streams it live. You can play and pause this stream as you read through them to catch up.

Since Curiosity landed on Mars (see my previous posts here and here for photos), there has been a number of images and memes about the rover, some funny, some cheeky, others are just darn lame. A lot of them though were based on “curiosity killed the cat”. The following are a collection of images I found while going through #Curiosity on Google+.

[Collection after the break]

US invasion on Mars

Martians Reactions

In reference to “that guy with the mohawk” : the mission director

Blue planet’s excitement

Self explanatory – I hope

Ouch! NBC

Curiosity’s first self- portrait

View of the Milky Way from the surface of Mars

The Oil Joke again

Storm Troopers to Mars


What they really found on Mars

Cats and their curiosity

Curiosity on Mars

Curiosity Thrills The Cat

Actual Curiosity’s First Photo

Curiosity Lasered the Cat

A Great Excuse

A True Gold Medallist

An Historic Moment

What Curiosity Found (Original Total Recall reference)

7 minutes of terror, a life time of guilt

And finally, what Google Doodle did if you press CTRL+F5

Can you find Curiosity?

There are a lot more (a lot!) I’ve found but I can’t share them all here. Hope you’ve enjoyed going through the images.



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