Curiosity: True to its name

Sunset on Mars

True to its name, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been at work faster than I thought, adding more photos from Sol 2 since it landed on Mars. After some “health” check on itself, MSL finally lifted its navigation camera sending some more breath-taking photos of its surroundings – and of itself. The amazing thing about this is the fact that the camera is mounted high above the ground, about 2 metres high. This allows MSL to take better photos of the landscape providing a better view. You can see from the earlier photos taken with the navcam a better view of the outer rim of the crater than the ones found yesterday.

You can see previous photos in my last post. NASA has also provided a video gallery related to MSL which include a collection of photos of the heat shield dropping off Curiosity.

Found this on Google+ : Mars in Colour


[More Photos After The Break]

360 photo of itself

Photo of the heat shield dropping off Curiosity

Close-up photo of the heat shield falling

Combined images of two photos taken by the navcam after it was lifted.

Curiosity’s shadow and part of itself taken with the navcam

Panoramic view of the surrounding around Curiosity


I can’t wait for more photos, especially the coloured ones.

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