10 Amazing 2012 Perseids Meteor Shower Photos

The perseids meteor shower lit the skies on August 12 and 13 – sadly, I wasn’t able to witness them with the amount of light pollution near the house. They are called perseids because the radiant lies in the constellation of Perseus, a name originated from Perseides meaning sons of Perseus. This meteor shower has been seen for over 2000 years and can be observed annually in August – this year being the 12th and 13th. At peak times, the rate of the shower can reach over 100 meteors per hour.┬áThe shower can be seen on all parts of the sky but most visible in the northern hemisphere. Apparently, the best time to view it is during pre-dawn.

According to a number of sites I’ve read, this is peak time so our best chance to witness this amazing celestial wonders was yesterday and later on tonight. Since I didn’t get to witness it last night, I went searching for photos taken by various photographers of the shower. [Click on the captions to view the source on G+ and Flickr. More after the break]









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