Can Linux have a place in the mobile market?

This is an entry I posted in my Google+ after reading a post about Linux entering the mobile market world. I thought I’d share what I said here.



It will be very interesting to see how well the linux based phones go through the already populated mobile OS world. Should Android and iOS be afraid? Will Linux make a run for their money? I doubt it will.

1) Even on the PC side linux’s popularity can’t match Windows and Mac and it took years for it to gain. Even after gaining popularity, linux based computers can’t compare to Windows.

2) Like it’s PC brother, they come a bit too late. It is entering a world where iOS and Android have been crystalized. They might be able to attract linux users but they’ll need miracles to take on the already huge loyal users of Google and Apple. Windows phone 8 is proof of this. It doesn’t matter how popular you are on another platform, fans of another can’t be convinced enough.

3) Yes, Nokia and Blackberry used to dominate but that is where Apple and Google learn mistakes and the reason why Android is taking over market share over Apple globally. If these two platforms are going to survive, it will be from the consumers. Nokia and RIM did not have what these two OSes have today, the online marketplace. A lot of time and money have been invested, investments on keeping work and files online to game achievements, just have a look at the Xbox and PS3 users. Nintendo came in late with online and they are left behind. This is where Apple is going with its iCloud, making sure users are putting their time and money into iCloud so they will stay. Unfortunately for them, Google has started that earlier, although not as clean as Apple but third party apps strive on the Android such as Dropbox and Evernote. Users investments are a tough one to break.

This is the computer world competition all over again where then Windows conquer, Macs is gaining, linux has its fans and Chrome OS is making a hard living while in the mobile OS world iOS and Android is conquering and Windows is trying. Linux may have its fans. I must say Android came out at a fortunate time.

I, for one, am settled with an Android and an iOS. For now.

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Morning Ride

On most days, driving in the morning is so much fun because I go against the traffic on my way to work. But there are those days where you could just strangle the driver in front of you. Today is one of those days, and especially since it is a Monday. The following are a few things I hate to encounter in the morning but have no power to change.

1. Slow driver in front.
I just don’t get why anyone would drive below 50kph on a single road! There should be a law against this. Especially worse when you are 10 cars behind and no one dares to overtake the slow vehicle. If you are one of them, and still intend to drive at 20kph, don’t be selfish, drive a little bit to the left and give a little space for others to overtake.

2. Slow on the right late.
At least the driver on point number 1 is driving on a single lane. But it’s idiots like this that makes you think if they ever went through any kind of driver’s ed. If there is an empty lane on the left, and a car seems to be closing near behind you, what’s the best thing to do? Move to the freakin left lane! If you are driving below 80kph, what’s the best lane to use? The freakin left lane! If there is a long line of cars behind you when driving on the right lane, what do you do? Left lane left lane left lane!

3. Trucks trucks trucks
I can’t say this enough but trucks are a menace during rush hours. They should never be allowed on the road between 6am – 8am, at lunch breaks and between 4pm – 6pm – unless somehow someone creates a trucks only lane or a no trucks zone – otherwise, these giant vehicles just make the morning traffic worse than it already is.

Fewh. Have a good Monday!

Is The Job of A Leader to Control?

When leading, there are those who like control and there are those who like controlling. But when too much controlling is done, it takes the fun away from everything. What is the point of control if it is done without happiness and harmony? And even worse, at the cost of the trust from those who you work with? Sometimes, a little bit of freedom can go a long way.

Through out the years, I’ve seen many different kinds of leadership – I’ve been one and I’ve been under one. Even while being a leader, I was also the follower – and as one or the other, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

One of the best ways to make sure the people around you are happy with plans you came up with is by having a little discussion where you can ask for opinions from others. The person in charge of, say, creating an event should gather together everyone who will be involved to sit down and listen to the proposal. If that does not work, open the floor for suggestions before finalizing any kind of project. If it involves a group of people, you can’t just make the decisions by yourself. You can’t come up with one idea and expect everyone to be happy. From the few years I’ve been a leader in SEEDS, in our department and in any other group I’ve been in, I learned that being a leader means to share and listen. Total control is never the answer.

I like control because it lets me be organized but sometimes, it is just not the solution. You have to have some kind of freedom somewhere if not once in a while. Nobody likes to be chained to things they do not like.


Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing everyone a great hari raya, mohon maaf zahir dan batin. I know I can just tweet that but I feel that I needed to fill this space.

Have a good week!

10 Amazing 2012 Perseids Meteor Shower Photos

The perseids meteor shower lit the skies on August 12 and 13 – sadly, I wasn’t able to witness them with the amount of light pollution near the house. They are called perseids because the radiant lies in the constellation of Perseus, a name originated from Perseides meaning sons of Perseus. This meteor shower has been seen for over 2000 years and can be observed annually in August – this year being the 12th and 13th. At peak times, the rate of the shower can reach over 100 meteors per hour. The shower can be seen on all parts of the sky but most visible in the northern hemisphere. Apparently, the best time to view it is during pre-dawn.

According to a number of sites I’ve read, this is peak time so our best chance to witness this amazing celestial wonders was yesterday and later on tonight. Since I didn’t get to witness it last night, I went searching for photos taken by various photographers of the shower. [Click on the captions to view the source on G+ and Flickr. More after the break]


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Last Day At Work During Ramadhan 2012

The day is finally here! Just thought I’d share photos from the last day of work before the holiday.

Happy holiday everyone!

On the way to work on the boat

Ian – looking sad, gonna miss school?

Brunei River on a bright morning

One last time arriving at the jetty during Ramadhan


Dad’s 53rd Birthday Celebration

Family photo at dad’s 53rd Birthday Celebration – missing one brother, his wife and kids.

When was the last time you went to Villa Mauri? I loved the restaurant when it first opened. Went there a number of times with family and friends then stopped just because we haven’t had the time to really go out to eat for awhile. Since then, the owner has expanded and opened up two other restaurants – one in Gadong, Grazie Mauri and the other in Belait called Prego Mauri. I’ve never been to the Belait restaurant but I’m not such a big fan of Grazie.

But I’m not here to write a restaurant review – however, I do want to point out that a lot of restaurants in Brunei have caved in to the pressure of a restaurant business here – giving in to the “Malay taste”. One recent experience we’ve had is at Villa Mauri. Their italian menu used to be just that, pure italian. When we went there about a couple of months ago for our anniversary, we realized that some of the dishes were trying to accomodate the Malay taste. We weren’t happy about that. We ended up calling the chef and we shared our opinion. That was when he kindly told us how they were trying to cater to the tastes of locals. He told us then that the next time we went there we should request for him to cook it the true italian way and he wouldn’t have a problem with that.

A couple of days ago, we went there for my dad’s birthday celebration and we did just that. The dishes we had were the way we wanted again and life finally went back to normal.

I’d like to write more about this, unfortunately I don’t have the time. This post however is supposed to be used to share photos from my dad’s 53rd birthday celebration so hit the break to see them!

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Little Precious


This is an instagram photo I just posted. And yes, this was how I revealed the news to the world. Not much was said. A photo, a smiley and a heart. For a world filled with social medium, I thought it was best shared through one.

No words could express what both JuLeZz and I are going through but we are no less than excited and happy now for our little precious number 2.

Curiosity Killed The Cat And The Rest

What really happened

Google+ is an amazing platform – though I’m still a number 1 Twitter user but G+ comes in second. One of the most powerful feature of G+ is the hashtag view. Much like Twitter, searching a hashtag will open a stream of public posts by users in and outside your circle. Best part is, it streams it live. You can play and pause this stream as you read through them to catch up.

Since Curiosity landed on Mars (see my previous posts here and here for photos), there has been a number of images and memes about the rover, some funny, some cheeky, others are just darn lame. A lot of them though were based on “curiosity killed the cat”. The following are a collection of images I found while going through #Curiosity on Google+.

[Collection after the break]

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