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Picasa is one of the great free photo organizers and editors that you can rely on, especially since they’ve been bought by Google a few of years ago. Ever since they’ve supported Mac, updates have been available for both side by side and it stays true in version 3.8. This latest version, now available for download for both PC and Mac, includes a bunch of major features such as batch album upload, ‘Face Movie’ and Picnik intergration.

Batch upload is pretty much self-explanatory. Face movie on the other hand is a feature where users can create animations from a series of photos of the same person. Finally, Picnik intergration. We’ve covered Picnik a while back where you can edit your photos online for free easily. Picnik is a great and easy to use tool for fast photo editing and now with Picasa you can select your photos from your Picasa, upload them to Picnik, edit them and have them saved back into Picasa.

Head over to now to download Picasa 3.8.

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You want to build a website but don’t know how to go about doing it? If you find yourself in that situation where you just can’t handle the codes when building a website in Dreamweaver or Frontpage, this could be a solution for you. is a free website builder that offers free flash template. The way works is close to what you can see on iWeb. But for those who do not have access to iWeb, this could be a great tool.

Websites are built via drag and drop and builders do not need to see a single line of code at all. This is a great feature and one that iWeb users know so well. Wix also provides tons of templates ranging from personal websites to business though you have the option to start from scratch too. Not only that, you are also able to upload your own files such as your photos and videos to personalize your website. Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that websites created on are search engine friendly.

Go on give a try.

An example of a website made on

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Need to spice up some of your photos? Dumpr offers a lot of template for you to have fun with your photos from inserting them into a rubiks cube, sketches, on TV screens, adverts or making people’s faces look utterly ridiculous. Dumpr’s tagline is “Photo Fun” and that’s what it really is. The process is simple as well. To create an image through Dumpr, all you have to do is go through three simple steps: 1) select an effect, 2) upload your photo and 3) email it!

Dumpr also offers to upload the photos to other social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Try it out, even just for fun – I’m sure you’ve got photos of your friends you just want to make them look silly.

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LIGHTROOM THEN PHOTOSHOP. Retouching photos is starting to get longer now for me the more anal and detail I get with each photo. If only I can find the time to do more.

Anyway, this is a dedication to my two cousins and my brother (though his birthday isn’t until August but thought I’d surprise him with a very advance birthday celebration since he was there too). Happy birthday guys!

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I’VE BEEN IN A FANTASY ART MOOD as you can see in the above image. Originally, I was planning to create something different – something more modern. Going through my photo collection, I saw this photo I took last year of JuLeZz’s sister during a Hari Raya photoshoot session. Tweak here, tweak there – and what did I end up with? Another fantasy art.

A lot of brushes and brush techniques went into the above piece – mostly dodging, burning and erasing certain parts to create the desired effect, something different than my usual style. I ended up loving the result and so I shared it (see facebook fan page).

One thing that annoys me at the moment though, my images seems to look a bit dark and sharp when I upload it on Picasa. Best that you go ahead to facebook to see how I intended the image to look like.

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I’VE BEEN TRYING HARD to keep practising my photoshop skills and get back to where I was before – back when I used to just design something from scratch – everything 100% photoshop. These days, I even need to go online and get some inspiration before I could even begin a piece. The results? I always end up with not 100% happy with the product but not entirely despised at the results as well. The most important part though is that I do see that I have been improving.

The above photomanipulation is my latest work on a photo I took of my fellow SEEDS members. The photo was originally taken on a flyover (after I parked safely on the side of course) and is a combination of a few stock photos I’ve collected the past few years. I apologize though that I can’t remember who the photos were from (I really should keep a record of it).

The tiny planet was created by myself with a meadow stock photo after which I also added that single tree on it, also a stock photo. The little rainbow however was made by myself on photoshop itself. Easy job. This piece took me about an hour and a half to create – adjusting the lighting took most of my time.

PS: I miss working with the Oliver! casts and crew. Even though I’ve got a lot of work, it feels like I’ve got a lot of free time compared to the amount of time I dedicated on directing Oliver!.

Facebook post here

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DOING A PHOTOSHOOT SESSION WITH LIMITED TOOLS is extremely challenging but thank God for Adobe who came up with the brilliant Photoshop I can do almost anything to my photos. Even then I did have to keep in mind what I was going to do with each photo during the photoshoot, especially in terms of light directions like the photo above.

Anyway, photoshoot promotion is now over. It’s no longer BND50 for a photo session. With the amount of time I’m dedicating to this, especially editing the photos, it’s now at BND70. For more information, leave me a message.

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THIS DECEMBER HOLIDAY IS GOING BY SO QUICKLY. I can’t believe there’s only a week left of it. That said, there’s only a few days of 2009 left! Are you guys ready for 2010?

With the coming new year, I thought I’d design some kind of glamourous wallpaper for my computer and the result is as seen above. The colours and effects (smokey and noise) are designed around the original photo (see ‘Playing With Silhouette‘). There were a lot of noise in the photo, due to the lens I was using then, and I thought it would be nice to have the rest of the wallpaper flow. This one’s called “The Glamourous Exclusives”.

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FINALLY FINISHED THIS PIECE. This has been a long time in the making – on and off – not happy with how it started. In the end, I decided to create a paint effect background to give it that stormy aura look. Now, I’m very happy with how it looks like.

Also, I was determined to finish this piece by today. Why? Because today is that model’s birthday. Happy birthday Zyrn!

Y’know, sometimes I wish I was in the creative business so I can just sit all day cranking up my brain to create something. But then, I went back to what I do and I realize I love doing that too. So really, photography and designing will forever stay as my hobby.

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I FEEL LIKE UPDATING MY PORTFOLIO as well as my galleries, which never got finished since I started But I know that if I do this now, I won’t be able to finish it. This weekend begins my brother’s wedding celebration and the whole of next week I’ll be at a workshop all day. So I’m not sure when but I do want to finish the whole site.

On a different story, I was going through my computer and found some of my old celestial art. The above images were made in Photoshop about 6 years ago. [Brb! This post will be continued – gotta go off somewhere]

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