10 Amazing 2012 Perseids Meteor Shower Photos

The perseids meteor shower lit the skies on August 12 and 13 – sadly, I wasn’t able to witness them with the amount of light pollution near the house. They are called perseids because the radiant lies in the constellation of Perseus, a name originated from Perseides meaning sons of Perseus. This meteor shower has been seen for over 2000 years and can be observed annually in August – this year being the 12th and 13th. At peak times, the rate of the shower can reach over 100 meteors per hour. The shower can be seen on all parts of the sky but most visible in the northern hemisphere. Apparently, the best time to view it is during pre-dawn.

According to a number of sites I’ve read, this is peak time so our best chance to witness this amazing celestial wonders was yesterday and later on tonight. Since I didn’t get to witness it last night, I went searching for photos taken by various photographers of the shower. [Click on the captions to view the source on G+ and Flickr. More after the break]


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Curiosity: True to its name

Sunset on Mars

True to its name, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been at work faster than I thought, adding more photos from Sol 2 since it landed on Mars. After some “health” check on itself, MSL finally lifted its navigation camera sending some more breath-taking photos of its surroundings – and of itself. The amazing thing about this is the fact that the camera is mounted high above the ground, about 2 metres high. This allows MSL to take better photos of the landscape providing a better view. You can see from the earlier photos taken with the navcam a better view of the outer rim of the crater than the ones found yesterday.

You can see previous photos in my last post. NASA has also provided a video gallery related to MSL which include a collection of photos of the heat shield dropping off Curiosity.

Found this on Google+ : Mars in Colour


[More Photos After The Break]

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Human on Mars : Is Curiosity Proof of What’s To Come?

Curiosity Rover’s First Photo

I’m not sure where you have been if you don’t know what Curiosity is or if you haven’t heard of the latest news on Mars but just in case you’ve been living under a rock, NASA sent a robot called Curiosity Rover to Mars and after an 8 month journey from Earth, Curiosity landed successfully and a number of images of from the historic event followed suit.

I’ve been following the news on Twitter, Google+ and on various websites since before it landed and have currently accumulated a number of images taken by Curiosity itself or photos related to the event which I thought I’d share and post here. But here’s a thought, an 8 month journey isn’t impossible for a human to go through, does this mean that travelling to Mars will soon be a reality? Perhaps, the main problem would be the travel. Flying through space seeing nothing but the stars passing by with no sense of direction for 8 long months would not be good for your mental health. Even if you’ve gone through that first 8 months, another 8 months of travelling back would equal 16 (provided that you don’t end up marrying a martian)! Who’d want to travel through vacuum that long? Even we get crazy driving through an open road of nothingness with the same horizon in front for one long hour.

In any case, this is a great achievement for mankind, proof of many possibilities for space travel. We have gone far from Columbus and the moon.

[Photos after the break]

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SEEDS at the Creative Industries Festival 2012

One of the things I like to teach the seedlings in SEEDS is to give support to those who have given us endless support, especially when we share the same cause. Faiq Airudin had a booth at the Creative Industries Festival at The Mall last week. He has helped photograph a number of SEEDS events this year and a small number of us dropped by on Friday to give him the support he has been giving us.

The turnout wasn’t huge, and the seedlings came in small batches, but I am very happy to know that some of them turned up just to give that support and didn’t ask for anything else. Granted, it was such a short gathering, but they still came. I’m glad they’ve learned to give without asking for anything in return.

I’m hoping that we keep teaching these life lessons to new seedlings and that it will keep being taught in the future. I think a lot of kids these days don’t seem to understand that but who could blame them when teachers and parents are always playing the reward strategy. There is a time and place for that but when else are they going to learn about the idea of just giving if their everyday lives are either with their parents or their teachers?

More photos after the break.

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B:Read Bookswap at Fun Bee Park

I finally managed to turn up for one of B:Read’s (Bruneians:Read!) Bookswap meets. I’ve never been to one and the event organizer side of me was extremely curious to see how things work. Titled Bookswap: Adventures in Wonderland, their event was held at Fun Bee Park, a place I just realized is sort of like a little library/day care/art centre for kids.

Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late thanks to the event I’ve mentioned in a previous post. According to their Facebook event page, besides the bookswap, they had other activities for children and adults such as book reading, continue the story, art project, bookmarks, hats & hearts and “The Hungry Games” quiz show. I’m not fully familiar with how they run things but what I managed to experience was quite interesting.

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Consumer Fair 10, Lacking A Simple System

I tried going to the Consumer Fair 10 on Saturday night at Bridex. Got there past 8pm thinking that getting on the advertised ‘free shuttle bus’ would cut time short just like what I experienced at RIPAS hospital. I had JuLeZz and Alya with me hoping to catch Mardi’s performance with his Relentless crew. When I finally parked, I wasn’t hoping to find a long queue getting to the shuttle bus seeing the ample amount of buses stopping there. There were about 4 huge buses altogether and none of them were moving. Most of the buses were filled and a huge crowd was still waiting.

The buses eventually left, leaving behind an incredible amount of people, apparently queuing. But there were no signs, no distinct lines to indicate the front of the “queue”. Those who just arrived just crowded along and joined in, standing waiting for a bus.

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Blogging On The Go


JuLeZz and Alya, who seems to be more interested in her toy

Blogging used to be a big thing. Now, social media has taken over through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The latter is rather more interesting to me especially to those who love to blog. Obviously, I havent found the time to blog much these days which is why I spend more time tweeting and posting on instagram. Why? Because you can do it on the go. The moment your thoughts come, you tweet. The moment you snap a photo, you upload them. Not much thinking required. But, thanks to apps such as wordpress’s, blogging is also made on the go.

This post is saved and edited as I go along. I am typing this from the wp’s iOS app. I reread my post, add more stuff to say and save. I do not need to be online, I do not need to worry about pages loading or losing them. And I do not worry about distractions – besides the things going on live around me. When there are distractions while walking, or sitting here, I click done and it is saved as a draft. I continue again later.

As I go along, I can snap photos I would like to share, get those saved and upload them when I’m done. So this post is just about that. Through out the day, I will add more to this post, save, add, save, etc.

Just had a chat with the new neighbour. I said hi to him a few days ago warning him on the stray digs that has been staying around here. I keep shooing them away but they keep coming back. I fear for my cats.

Speaking of which, I let Coco, out cat, out of her cage. We kept her in to train her. She wasn’t a people person before. Now she just craves the attention.

Anyway, back to my neighbour. Spent the past 15 minutes talking to him out in the sun, talking about lots of stuff initiated by the dog topic. Very chatty neighbour. Friendly. Makes me think, if I hadnt said hi to him would he have ever talked to me?

Just dropped off JuLeZz off to Bakerlyn cafe to see her friends. Alya’s with me now. Gonna go home and spend some quality time with the little miss.


Alya watching Disney Nature's Cats documentary before falling asleep

Alya’s been sleeping for half an hour now. What quality time with daddy! But best part is, she fell asleep by herself! She did this lastnight as well. I’m glad she is learning to fall asleep on her own.

At Hua Ho. Just picked JuLeZz up. Now we are looking around for Alya’s Hari Raya Aidil Adha’s clothes. We usually have takbir the night before and dad’s planning to have korban at their place.

Man, this woman just shouted to call someone else while standing next to Alya’s stroller. Idiot almost woke Alya up.


At Hua Ho Yayasan


From Hua Ho Yayasan's Sports section. Anded to the Po Po yo!

Been home the past 2 hours. Now a bit of work, late dinner and, hopefully Alya doesnt wake up and get fussy, sleep.

Good night everyone and enjoy the weekend!


Thought I'd end this with a laughing Alya when we got home.

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

Staying true to our tag line, Promoting Creativity, there has been a few blogs created on shutter speech for the past month and I would like to start mentioning some of them. To start, here’s Growan in Life, a blog by levlie, a dedicated blogger who fills her posts with lots of words. Okay, that may sound like any other blog on the internet but rest assured, it’s words from her actual personal life. Fine, that also sounds like any other blog on the internet.

My point here is that creativity do not just point to designs, creative writings or photography. Blog writing can be the beginning of someone’s creativity which may or may not flourish. Still, being able to write is already a creative tool.

See Growan in Life at http://levlie.shutterspeech.net.

More featured blogs soon.

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

It’s amazing what you can do with digital photos these days. Take the above image for example – in the original photo, the lighting was bad, annoying shadows because of the sun was everywhere. But open it in photoshop, let your creativity run wild and you might just end up with something you like. And I did.

See my Flickr for more photos.

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

July 15th was His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei’s 64th birthday and celebrations do not end there. There will be more events throughout the country from performances in the capital to parades and float exhibitions. This post is a tribute to local photographers who captured the moments of the events thus far so I thought I’d create a collection just to show off their talents.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to go out and take photos myself (more photos after the jump).

Photo by Jan Shim

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