Morning Ride

On most days, driving in the morning is so much fun because I go against the traffic on my way to work. But there are those days where you could just strangle the driver in front of you. Today is one of those days, and especially since it is a Monday. The following are a few things I hate to encounter in the morning but have no power to change.

1. Slow driver in front.
I just don’t get why anyone would drive below 50kph on a single road! There should be a law against this. Especially worse when you are 10 cars behind and no one dares to overtake the slow vehicle. If you are one of them, and still intend to drive at 20kph, don’t be selfish, drive a little bit to the left and give a little space for others to overtake.

2. Slow on the right late.
At least the driver on point number 1 is driving on a single lane. But it’s idiots like this that makes you think if they ever went through any kind of driver’s ed. If there is an empty lane on the left, and a car seems to be closing near behind you, what’s the best thing to do? Move to the freakin left lane! If you are driving below 80kph, what’s the best lane to use? The freakin left lane! If there is a long line of cars behind you when driving on the right lane, what do you do? Left lane left lane left lane!

3. Trucks trucks trucks
I can’t say this enough but trucks are a menace during rush hours. They should never be allowed on the road between 6am – 8am, at lunch breaks and between 4pm – 6pm – unless somehow someone creates a trucks only lane or a no trucks zone – otherwise, these giant vehicles just make the morning traffic worse than it already is.

Fewh. Have a good Monday!

Last Day At Work During Ramadhan 2012

The day is finally here! Just thought I’d share photos from the last day of work before the holiday.

Happy holiday everyone!

On the way to work on the boat

Ian – looking sad, gonna miss school?

Brunei River on a bright morning

One last time arriving at the jetty during Ramadhan


Dad’s 53rd Birthday Celebration

Family photo at dad’s 53rd Birthday Celebration – missing one brother, his wife and kids.

When was the last time you went to Villa Mauri? I loved the restaurant when it first opened. Went there a number of times with family and friends then stopped just because we haven’t had the time to really go out to eat for awhile. Since then, the owner has expanded and opened up two other restaurants – one in Gadong, Grazie Mauri and the other in Belait called Prego Mauri. I’ve never been to the Belait restaurant but I’m not such a big fan of Grazie.

But I’m not here to write a restaurant review – however, I do want to point out that a lot of restaurants in Brunei have caved in to the pressure of a restaurant business here – giving in to the “Malay taste”. One recent experience we’ve had is at Villa Mauri. Their italian menu used to be just that, pure italian. When we went there about a couple of months ago for our anniversary, we realized that some of the dishes were trying to accomodate the Malay taste. We weren’t happy about that. We ended up calling the chef and we shared our opinion. That was when he kindly told us how they were trying to cater to the tastes of locals. He told us then that the next time we went there we should request for him to cook it the true italian way and he wouldn’t have a problem with that.

A couple of days ago, we went there for my dad’s birthday celebration and we did just that. The dishes we had were the way we wanted again and life finally went back to normal.

I’d like to write more about this, unfortunately I don’t have the time. This post however is supposed to be used to share photos from my dad’s 53rd birthday celebration so hit the break to see them!

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Little Precious


This is an instagram photo I just posted. And yes, this was how I revealed the news to the world. Not much was said. A photo, a smiley and a heart. For a world filled with social medium, I thought it was best shared through one.

No words could express what both JuLeZz and I are going through but we are no less than excited and happy now for our little precious number 2.

An Amazing 1 Year Journey

The Little Miss before the arrival of her guests

[Updated with more photos – 31 July 2012]

It has been a great one year for JuLeZz and myself the past one year, an amazing journey for the both of us. One year ago, on July 26, 2011, at 12.32am, we were blessed with a little girl we call Alya. Next thing we know, one year has passed and she is as wonderful as she has been since the day she arrived into this world.

Last Thursday, she turned 1 and we celebrated it with loved ones. We opted to move away from the big parties and decided instead to spend her special day with the people that grew up with her – her family. It was a great evening spent with everyone and the focus didn’t go anywhere else but on her. It was all about her dress, her personality, her blowing the candle, her screaming out loud and, by the end of the night, when everyone went back to our place for an after party hang out, her excitement with her standing, crawling, walking on the walker, almost causing chaos and a slideshow of her photos since she was born. Not even a moment was spent away from her. She was excited. She was happy. And by the end of the night, Alya fell asleep easily and peacefully.

Happy birthday Little Miss,
from Mommy & Daddy

[More photos after the break]

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Mom’s 53rd Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my mom’s 53rd birthday and the family, including my sister on Facetime, celebrated it during dinner at Rizqun. The food was nice but I’m not gonna spend a blog post talking about what we had. I just had a little presentation at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports the other day, talking about SEEDS and I used a family event as an example to one of the topics I mentioned. I said that as a working adult, we are always looking forward to the weekend where some would use it to spend time with families, celebrating birthdays and that is just what happened yesterday.

The long weekend came as a blessing for both us (The Exclusives) and my bigger family (Hasba). The Little Miss wasn’t feeling well the whole week and by the weekend, I ended up with a flu myself. Thank God for the two day long weekend I got to rest. Yesterday was a lazy day for JuLeZz, the Little Miss and myself. We spent the day resting, watching TV and lots of bumming around. Best part about the day was our quality time with Alya. I only wish that I could take her to work everyday. I think we should have a ‘Take Your Daughter To Work’ day – or son – or child.

More after the break.

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Consumer Fair 10, Lacking A Simple System

I tried going to the Consumer Fair 10 on Saturday night at Bridex. Got there past 8pm thinking that getting on the advertised ‘free shuttle bus’ would cut time short just like what I experienced at RIPAS hospital. I had JuLeZz and Alya with me hoping to catch Mardi’s performance with his Relentless crew. When I finally parked, I wasn’t hoping to find a long queue getting to the shuttle bus seeing the ample amount of buses stopping there. There were about 4 huge buses altogether and none of them were moving. Most of the buses were filled and a huge crowd was still waiting.

The buses eventually left, leaving behind an incredible amount of people, apparently queuing. But there were no signs, no distinct lines to indicate the front of the “queue”. Those who just arrived just crowded along and joined in, standing waiting for a bus.

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Little Miss and her adventures

Little Miss Alya, looking confused, with her nenek

Today has been quite an adventure for the Little Miss though the day was well spent for JuLeZz and myself with her. She spent the whole day from one place to another with only one short nap in the middle of it all. Besides her usual self, Alya was well behaved most of the day. One thing we realized is how so grown-up she is now for someone who isn’t even one year old yet.

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Eid Adha


Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha! … What else do we say on this day? Happy korban? In any case, take care on this holy day. I wish you a good day.

Blogging On The Go


JuLeZz and Alya, who seems to be more interested in her toy

Blogging used to be a big thing. Now, social media has taken over through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The latter is rather more interesting to me especially to those who love to blog. Obviously, I havent found the time to blog much these days which is why I spend more time tweeting and posting on instagram. Why? Because you can do it on the go. The moment your thoughts come, you tweet. The moment you snap a photo, you upload them. Not much thinking required. But, thanks to apps such as wordpress’s, blogging is also made on the go.

This post is saved and edited as I go along. I am typing this from the wp’s iOS app. I reread my post, add more stuff to say and save. I do not need to be online, I do not need to worry about pages loading or losing them. And I do not worry about distractions – besides the things going on live around me. When there are distractions while walking, or sitting here, I click done and it is saved as a draft. I continue again later.

As I go along, I can snap photos I would like to share, get those saved and upload them when I’m done. So this post is just about that. Through out the day, I will add more to this post, save, add, save, etc.

Just had a chat with the new neighbour. I said hi to him a few days ago warning him on the stray digs that has been staying around here. I keep shooing them away but they keep coming back. I fear for my cats.

Speaking of which, I let Coco, out cat, out of her cage. We kept her in to train her. She wasn’t a people person before. Now she just craves the attention.

Anyway, back to my neighbour. Spent the past 15 minutes talking to him out in the sun, talking about lots of stuff initiated by the dog topic. Very chatty neighbour. Friendly. Makes me think, if I hadnt said hi to him would he have ever talked to me?

Just dropped off JuLeZz off to Bakerlyn cafe to see her friends. Alya’s with me now. Gonna go home and spend some quality time with the little miss.


Alya watching Disney Nature's Cats documentary before falling asleep

Alya’s been sleeping for half an hour now. What quality time with daddy! But best part is, she fell asleep by herself! She did this lastnight as well. I’m glad she is learning to fall asleep on her own.

At Hua Ho. Just picked JuLeZz up. Now we are looking around for Alya’s Hari Raya Aidil Adha’s clothes. We usually have takbir the night before and dad’s planning to have korban at their place.

Man, this woman just shouted to call someone else while standing next to Alya’s stroller. Idiot almost woke Alya up.


At Hua Ho Yayasan


From Hua Ho Yayasan's Sports section. Anded to the Po Po yo!

Been home the past 2 hours. Now a bit of work, late dinner and, hopefully Alya doesnt wake up and get fussy, sleep.

Good night everyone and enjoy the weekend!


Thought I'd end this with a laughing Alya when we got home.

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