10 Amazing 2012 Perseids Meteor Shower Photos

The perseids meteor shower lit the skies on August 12 and 13 – sadly, I wasn’t able to witness them with the amount of light pollution near the house. They are called perseids because the radiant lies in the constellation of Perseus, a name originated from Perseides meaning sons of Perseus. This meteor shower has been seen for over 2000 years and can be observed annually in August – this year being the 12th and 13th. At peak times, the rate of the shower can reach over 100 meteors per hour. The shower can be seen on all parts of the sky but most visible in the northern hemisphere. Apparently, the best time to view it is during pre-dawn.

According to a number of sites I’ve read, this is peak time so our best chance to witness this amazing celestial wonders was yesterday and later on tonight. Since I didn’t get to witness it last night, I went searching for photos taken by various photographers of the shower. [Click on the captions to view the source on G+ and Flickr. More after the break]


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Dad’s 53rd Birthday Celebration

Family photo at dad’s 53rd Birthday Celebration – missing one brother, his wife and kids.

When was the last time you went to Villa Mauri? I loved the restaurant when it first opened. Went there a number of times with family and friends then stopped just because we haven’t had the time to really go out to eat for awhile. Since then, the owner has expanded and opened up two other restaurants – one in Gadong, Grazie Mauri and the other in Belait called Prego Mauri. I’ve never been to the Belait restaurant but I’m not such a big fan of Grazie.

But I’m not here to write a restaurant review – however, I do want to point out that a lot of restaurants in Brunei have caved in to the pressure of a restaurant business here – giving in to the “Malay taste”. One recent experience we’ve had is at Villa Mauri. Their italian menu used to be just that, pure italian. When we went there about a couple of months ago for our anniversary, we realized that some of the dishes were trying to accomodate the Malay taste. We weren’t happy about that. We ended up calling the chef and we shared our opinion. That was when he kindly told us how they were trying to cater to the tastes of locals. He told us then that the next time we went there we should request for him to cook it the true italian way and he wouldn’t have a problem with that.

A couple of days ago, we went there for my dad’s birthday celebration and we did just that. The dishes we had were the way we wanted again and life finally went back to normal.

I’d like to write more about this, unfortunately I don’t have the time. This post however is supposed to be used to share photos from my dad’s 53rd birthday celebration so hit the break to see them!

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Mom’s 53rd Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my mom’s 53rd birthday and the family, including my sister on Facetime, celebrated it during dinner at Rizqun. The food was nice but I’m not gonna spend a blog post talking about what we had. I just had a little presentation at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports the other day, talking about SEEDS and I used a family event as an example to one of the topics I mentioned. I said that as a working adult, we are always looking forward to the weekend where some would use it to spend time with families, celebrating birthdays and that is just what happened yesterday.

The long weekend came as a blessing for both us (The Exclusives) and my bigger family (Hasba). The Little Miss wasn’t feeling well the whole week and by the weekend, I ended up with a flu myself. Thank God for the two day long weekend I got to rest. Yesterday was a lazy day for JuLeZz, the Little Miss and myself. We spent the day resting, watching TV and lots of bumming around. Best part about the day was our quality time with Alya. I only wish that I could take her to work everyday. I think we should have a ‘Take Your Daughter To Work’ day – or son – or child.

More after the break.

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SEEDS at the Creative Industries Festival 2012

One of the things I like to teach the seedlings in SEEDS is to give support to those who have given us endless support, especially when we share the same cause. Faiq Airudin had a booth at the Creative Industries Festival at The Mall last week. He has helped photograph a number of SEEDS events this year and a small number of us dropped by on Friday to give him the support he has been giving us.

The turnout wasn’t huge, and the seedlings came in small batches, but I am very happy to know that some of them turned up just to give that support and didn’t ask for anything else. Granted, it was such a short gathering, but they still came. I’m glad they’ve learned to give without asking for anything in return.

I’m hoping that we keep teaching these life lessons to new seedlings and that it will keep being taught in the future. I think a lot of kids these days don’t seem to understand that but who could blame them when teachers and parents are always playing the reward strategy. There is a time and place for that but when else are they going to learn about the idea of just giving if their everyday lives are either with their parents or their teachers?

More photos after the break.

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Full Width Featured Image

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Tiltshift Effects

Finally managed to sit down and actually test the tilt shift effect on IG. I like how the implimented it as a button and therefore you get to use it with other effects. But after testing it on so many highground photos, I find that the X-Pro II fx works best because of its high saturation – since that’s how tilt shifts work best. There are other ways but again those involve the use of external apps.

Photo was edited in instagram, taken last December from Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Malaysia.

IG 1.5

Image representing Instagram as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

Instagram for iOS has been updated to version 1.5 and it brings with it a much awaited filter, tilt-shift. No more using another app for tilt shift effects before uploading to instagram, users can now use instagram directly for this effect. Version 1.5 also features the much anticipated @mention in comments. This can be done by tapping and holding a user’s name.

Other updates include a revamp to the newsfeed, geo location photos without naming the location, email photos under sharing and performance improvements.

Head over to the app store to update your instagram,

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

It’s taken me this long to finally find the free time to post something new here and I would like to maintain proper discipline when it comes to posting articles here. Let’s see if that can be done. Now, even though I didn’t get to post anything new, I never stopped taking photos. This post is dedicated to the missing Aidilfitri post I wanted to write over a month ago and since it’s past Hari Raya, I wish everyone had a good one.

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque (or SOAS Mosque) is one of the most popular architecture photography subjects in Brunei. From sunrise to sunset, all day and all night long, photographers can get amazing results in the heart of the capital city. Here are some amazing photos I’ve found on the internet.

Note: All photos are copyright of their respective owners.

by Sudiru Abdullah

by bkeasberry

by FreakinglyCharming

by Arkpixels

by Azrol Azmi

by FathieDphotography

by karyawan179

by Ocelot

by nuj_lawmaker

by TheBruneiEye

by airbiscuit

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

It’s amazing what you can do with digital photos these days. Take the above image for example – in the original photo, the lighting was bad, annoying shadows because of the sun was everywhere. But open it in photoshop, let your creativity run wild and you might just end up with something you like. And I did.

See my Flickr for more photos.

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

One of the many places I turn to when looking for the right images for a post is Google Images search. It’s fast, full of extra information and filterable. Now, Google Images has improved upon it’s google image layout showing more images in one page than before. Gone are the extra information that reveals its size and the url under the images during preview but as you hover over each image, the image pops up and shows the usual information.

It doesn’t stop there. Before, whenever you click on an image on the results page, you are then brought to the website with an annoying frame at the top which you can only remove by clicking on the “remove frame” link. Now, after clicking one of the results, you view the image in the center of the screen with the website faded in the background. You can then view the website by clicking anywhere in the faded area.

This is a major improvement on Google’s part which can help searching for images all the better.

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