Third Year Coming To An End

This is a teaser poster for SEEDS I created for their upcoming production. It’s that time of the year again for SEEDS where we spend our afternoons and evenings on trying to perfect our performing arts. The time for the SEEDS3 students (or seedlings) to graduate is nearing and I’m sure this year we’ll encounter new problems but hopefully we’ll be able to tackle the ones from the past.

This year, SEEDS will be performing Willy Wonka on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2011. That’s four weeks left of rehearsing and preparing for the play. This year though, with Alya in our life, I’m spending most of my time doing the paperwork, less hands on with the musical. But, JuLeZz and I have left SEEDS in the hands of two trusted coaches to be the producer and the director.

For now, that is all I can say. More news soon. You can follow SEEDS on Twitter @seedsbrunei, on our Facebook Page (seeds brunei) or the website which you can find here or the link above.

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You want to build a website but don’t know how to go about doing it? If you find yourself in that situation where you just can’t handle the codes when building a website in Dreamweaver or Frontpage, this could be a solution for you. is a free website builder that offers free flash template. The way works is close to what you can see on iWeb. But for those who do not have access to iWeb, this could be a great tool.

Websites are built via drag and drop and builders do not need to see a single line of code at all. This is a great feature and one that iWeb users know so well. Wix also provides tons of templates ranging from personal websites to business though you have the option to start from scratch too. Not only that, you are also able to upload your own files such as your photos and videos to personalize your website. Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that websites created on are search engine friendly.

Go on give a try.

An example of a website made on

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Staying true to our tag line, Promoting Creativity, there has been a few blogs created on shutter speech for the past month and I would like to start mentioning some of them. To start, here’s Growan in Life, a blog by levlie, a dedicated blogger who fills her posts with lots of words. Okay, that may sound like any other blog on the internet but rest assured, it’s words from her actual personal life. Fine, that also sounds like any other blog on the internet.

My point here is that creativity do not just point to designs, creative writings or photography. Blog writing can be the beginning of someone’s creativity which may or may not flourish. Still, being able to write is already a creative tool.

See Growan in Life at

More featured blogs soon.

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One of the many places I turn to when looking for the right images for a post is Google Images search. It’s fast, full of extra information and filterable. Now, Google Images has improved upon it’s google image layout showing more images in one page than before. Gone are the extra information that reveals its size and the url under the images during preview but as you hover over each image, the image pops up and shows the usual information.

It doesn’t stop there. Before, whenever you click on an image on the results page, you are then brought to the website with an annoying frame at the top which you can only remove by clicking on the “remove frame” link. Now, after clicking one of the results, you view the image in the center of the screen with the website faded in the background. You can then view the website by clicking anywhere in the faded area.

This is a major improvement on Google’s part which can help searching for images all the better.