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It’s taken me this long to finally find the free time to post something new here and I would like to maintain proper discipline when it comes to posting articles here. Let’s see if that can be done. Now, even though I didn’t get to post anything new, I never stopped taking photos. This post is dedicated to the missing Aidilfitri post I wanted to write over a month ago and since it’s past Hari Raya, I wish everyone had a good one.

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque (or SOAS Mosque) is one of the most popular architecture photography subjects in Brunei. From sunrise to sunset, all day and all night long, photographers can get amazing results in the heart of the capital city. Here are some amazing photos I’ve found on the internet.

Note: All photos are copyright of their respective owners.

by Sudiru Abdullah

by bkeasberry

by FreakinglyCharming

by Arkpixels

by Azrol Azmi

by FathieDphotography

by karyawan179

by Ocelot

by nuj_lawmaker

by TheBruneiEye

by airbiscuit

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

It’s amazing what you can do with digital photos these days. Take the above image for example – in the original photo, the lighting was bad, annoying shadows because of the sun was everywhere. But open it in photoshop, let your creativity run wild and you might just end up with something you like. And I did.

See my Flickr for more photos.

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July 15th was His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei’s 64th birthday and celebrations do not end there. There will be more events throughout the country from performances in the capital to parades and float exhibitions. This post is a tribute to local photographers who captured the moments of the events thus far so I thought I’d create a collection just to show off their talents.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to go out and take photos myself (more photos after the jump).

Photo by Jan Shim

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