Morning Ride

On most days, driving in the morning is so much fun because I go against the traffic on my way to work. But there are those days where you could just strangle the driver in front of you. Today is one of those days, and especially since it is a Monday. The following are a few things I hate to encounter in the morning but have no power to change.

1. Slow driver in front.
I just don’t get why anyone would drive below 50kph on a single road! There should be a law against this. Especially worse when you are 10 cars behind and no one dares to overtake the slow vehicle. If you are one of them, and still intend to drive at 20kph, don’t be selfish, drive a little bit to the left and give a little space for others to overtake.

2. Slow on the right late.
At least the driver on point number 1 is driving on a single lane. But it’s idiots like this that makes you think if they ever went through any kind of driver’s ed. If there is an empty lane on the left, and a car seems to be closing near behind you, what’s the best thing to do? Move to the freakin left lane! If you are driving below 80kph, what’s the best lane to use? The freakin left lane! If there is a long line of cars behind you when driving on the right lane, what do you do? Left lane left lane left lane!

3. Trucks trucks trucks
I can’t say this enough but trucks are a menace during rush hours. They should never be allowed on the road between 6am – 8am, at lunch breaks and between 4pm – 6pm – unless somehow someone creates a trucks only lane or a no trucks zone – otherwise, these giant vehicles just make the morning traffic worse than it already is.

Fewh. Have a good Monday!

Last Day At Work During Ramadhan 2012

The day is finally here! Just thought I’d share photos from the last day of work before the holiday.

Happy holiday everyone!

On the way to work on the boat

Ian – looking sad, gonna miss school?

Brunei River on a bright morning

One last time arriving at the jetty during Ramadhan


B:Read Bookswap at Fun Bee Park

I finally managed to turn up for one of B:Read’s (Bruneians:Read!) Bookswap meets. I’ve never been to one and the event organizer side of me was extremely curious to see how things work. Titled Bookswap: Adventures in Wonderland, their event was held at Fun Bee Park, a place I just realized is sort of like a little library/day care/art centre for kids.

Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late thanks to the event I’ve mentioned in a previous post. According to their Facebook event page, besides the bookswap, they had other activities for children and adults such as book reading, continue the story, art project, bookmarks, hats & hearts and “The Hungry Games” quiz show. I’m not fully familiar with how they run things but what I managed to experience was quite interesting.

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Consumer Fair 10, Lacking A Simple System

I tried going to the Consumer Fair 10 on Saturday night at Bridex. Got there past 8pm thinking that getting on the advertised ‘free shuttle bus’ would cut time short just like what I experienced at RIPAS hospital. I had JuLeZz and Alya with me hoping to catch Mardi’s performance with his Relentless crew. When I finally parked, I wasn’t hoping to find a long queue getting to the shuttle bus seeing the ample amount of buses stopping there. There were about 4 huge buses altogether and none of them were moving. Most of the buses were filled and a huge crowd was still waiting.

The buses eventually left, leaving behind an incredible amount of people, apparently queuing. But there were no signs, no distinct lines to indicate the front of the “queue”. Those who just arrived just crowded along and joined in, standing waiting for a bus.

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