B:Read Bookswap at Fun Bee Park

I finally managed to turn up for one of B:Read’s (Bruneians:Read!) Bookswap meets. I’ve never been to one and the event organizer side of me was extremely curious to see how things work. Titled Bookswap: Adventures in Wonderland, their event was held at Fun Bee Park, a place I just realized is sort of like a little library/day care/art centre for kids.

Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late thanks to the event I’ve mentioned in a previous post. According to their Facebook event page, besides the bookswap, they had other activities for children and adults such as book reading, continue the story, art project, bookmarks, hats & hearts and “The Hungry Games” quiz show. I’m not fully familiar with how they run things but what I managed to experience was quite interesting.

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Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

Staying true to our tag line, Promoting Creativity, there has been a few blogs created on shutter speech for the past month and I would like to start mentioning some of them. To start, here’s Growan in Life, a blog by levlie, a dedicated blogger who fills her posts with lots of words. Okay, that may sound like any other blog on the internet but rest assured, it’s words from her actual personal life. Fine, that also sounds like any other blog on the internet.

My point here is that creativity do not just point to designs, creative writings or photography. Blog writing can be the beginning of someone’s creativity which may or may not flourish. Still, being able to write is already a creative tool.

See Growan in Life at http://levlie.shutterspeech.net.

More featured blogs soon.