SEEDS at the Creative Industries Festival 2012

One of the things I like to teach the seedlings in SEEDS is to give support to those who have given us endless support, especially when we share the same cause. Faiq Airudin had a booth at the Creative Industries Festival at The Mall last week. He has helped photograph a number of SEEDS events this year and a small number of us dropped by on Friday to give him the support he has been giving us.

The turnout wasn’t huge, and the seedlings came in small batches, but I am very happy to know that some of them turned up just to give that support and didn’t ask for anything else. Granted, it was such a short gathering, but they still came. I’m glad they’ve learned to give without asking for anything in return.

I’m hoping that we keep teaching these life lessons to new seedlings and that it will keep being taught in the future. I think a lot of kids these days don’t seem to understand that but who could blame them when teachers and parents are always playing the reward strategy. There is a time and place for that but when else are they going to learn about the idea of just giving if their everyday lives are either with their parents or their teachers?

More photos after the break.

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Consumer Fair 10, Lacking A Simple System

I tried going to the Consumer Fair 10 on Saturday night at Bridex. Got there past 8pm thinking that getting on the advertised ‘free shuttle bus’ would cut time short just like what I experienced at RIPAS hospital. I had JuLeZz and Alya with me hoping to catch Mardi’s performance with his Relentless crew. When I finally parked, I wasn’t hoping to find a long queue getting to the shuttle bus seeing the ample amount of buses stopping there. There were about 4 huge buses altogether and none of them were moving. Most of the buses were filled and a huge crowd was still waiting.

The buses eventually left, leaving behind an incredible amount of people, apparently queuing. But there were no signs, no distinct lines to indicate the front of the “queue”. Those who just arrived just crowded along and joined in, standing waiting for a bus.

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