Can Linux have a place in the mobile market?

This is an entry I posted in my Google+ after reading a post about Linux entering the mobile market world. I thought I’d share what I said here.



It will be very interesting to see how well the linux based phones go through the already populated mobile OS world. Should Android and iOS be afraid? Will Linux make a run for their money? I doubt it will.

1) Even on the PC side linux’s popularity can’t match Windows and Mac and it took years for it to gain. Even after gaining popularity, linux based computers can’t compare to Windows.

2) Like it’s PC brother, they come a bit too late. It is entering a world where iOS and Android have been crystalized. They might be able to attract linux users but they’ll need miracles to take on the already huge loyal users of Google and Apple. Windows phone 8 is proof of this. It doesn’t matter how popular you are on another platform, fans of another can’t be convinced enough.

3) Yes, Nokia and Blackberry used to dominate but that is where Apple and Google learn mistakes and the reason why Android is taking over market share over Apple globally. If these two platforms are going to survive, it will be from the consumers. Nokia and RIM did not have what these two OSes have today, the online marketplace. A lot of time and money have been invested, investments on keeping work and files online to game achievements, just have a look at the Xbox and PS3 users. Nintendo came in late with online and they are left behind. This is where Apple is going with its iCloud, making sure users are putting their time and money into iCloud so they will stay. Unfortunately for them, Google has started that earlier, although not as clean as Apple but third party apps strive on the Android such as Dropbox and Evernote. Users investments are a tough one to break.

This is the computer world competition all over again where then Windows conquer, Macs is gaining, linux has its fans and Chrome OS is making a hard living while in the mobile OS world iOS and Android is conquering and Windows is trying. Linux may have its fans. I must say Android came out at a fortunate time.

I, for one, am settled with an Android and an iOS. For now.

Curiosity Killed The Cat And The Rest

What really happened

Google+ is an amazing platform – though I’m still a number 1 Twitter user but G+ comes in second. One of the most powerful feature of G+ is the hashtag view. Much like Twitter, searching a hashtag will open a stream of public posts by users in and outside your circle. Best part is, it streams it live. You can play and pause this stream as you read through them to catch up.

Since Curiosity landed on Mars (see my previous posts here and here for photos), there has been a number of images and memes about the rover, some funny, some cheeky, others are just darn lame. A lot of them though were based on “curiosity killed the cat”. The following are a collection of images I found while going through #Curiosity on Google+.

[Collection after the break]

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A New Turn

Well look at that. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve decided to turn this into my blog instead of just a news page. That way, I can make use of the space I’m paying (or I’ve paid) every year rather than leave it to go to waste. I just thought I’d share the above incident with you. I never knew this but when I was composing an email to be sent and it had the word “Attached is…” in the body, a popup appeared after I clicked on the “send” button. Turns out that gmail scanned my email and realized that I’ve said those words but forgot to attach anything to the email! I was amazed!

I was absolutely impressed by this feature, especially since I always forget to attach a file I meant to attach after I’ve finished writing the email. Now, I only wish that email clients would have this feature.

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

Picasa is one of the great free photo organizers and editors that you can rely on, especially since they’ve been bought by Google a few of years ago. Ever since they’ve supported Mac, updates have been available for both side by side and it stays true in version 3.8. This latest version, now available for download for both PC and Mac, includes a bunch of major features such as batch album upload, ‘Face Movie’ and Picnik intergration.

Batch upload is pretty much self-explanatory. Face movie on the other hand is a feature where users can create animations from a series of photos of the same person. Finally, Picnik intergration. We’ve covered Picnik a while back where you can edit your photos online for free easily. Picnik is a great and easy to use tool for fast photo editing and now with Picasa you can select your photos from your Picasa, upload them to Picnik, edit them and have them saved back into Picasa.

Head over to now to download Picasa 3.8.

Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

One of the many places I turn to when looking for the right images for a post is Google Images search. It’s fast, full of extra information and filterable. Now, Google Images has improved upon it’s google image layout showing more images in one page than before. Gone are the extra information that reveals its size and the url under the images during preview but as you hover over each image, the image pops up and shows the usual information.

It doesn’t stop there. Before, whenever you click on an image on the results page, you are then brought to the website with an annoying frame at the top which you can only remove by clicking on the “remove frame” link. Now, after clicking one of the results, you view the image in the center of the screen with the website faded in the background. You can then view the website by clicking anywhere in the faded area.

This is a major improvement on Google’s part which can help searching for images all the better.