An Amazing 1 Year Journey

The Little Miss before the arrival of her guests

[Updated with more photos – 31 July 2012]

It has been a great one year for JuLeZz and myself the past one year, an amazing journey for the both of us. One year ago, on July 26, 2011, at 12.32am, we were blessed with a little girl we call Alya. Next thing we know, one year has passed and she is as wonderful as she has been since the day she arrived into this world.

Last Thursday, she turned 1 and we celebrated it with loved ones. We opted to move away from the big parties and decided instead to spend her special day with the people that grew up with her – her family. It was a great evening spent with everyone and the focus didn’t go anywhere else but on her. It was all about her dress, her personality, her blowing the candle, her screaming out loud and, by the end of the night, when everyone went back to our place for an after party hang out, her excitement with her standing, crawling, walking on the walker, almost causing chaos and a slideshow of her photos since she was born. Not even a moment was spent away from her. She was excited. She was happy. And by the end of the night, Alya fell asleep easily and peacefully.

Happy birthday Little Miss,
from Mommy & Daddy

[More photos after the break]

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Little Miss and her adventures

Little Miss Alya, looking confused, with her nenek

Today has been quite an adventure for the Little Miss though the day was well spent for JuLeZz and myself with her. She spent the whole day from one place to another with only one short nap in the middle of it all. Besides her usual self, Alya was well behaved most of the day. One thing we realized is how so grown-up she is now for someone who isn’t even one year old yet.

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