Curiosity Killed The Cat And The Rest

What really happened

Google+ is an amazing platform – though I’m still a number 1 Twitter user but G+ comes in second. One of the most powerful feature of G+ is the hashtag view. Much like Twitter, searching a hashtag will open a stream of public posts by users in and outside your circle. Best part is, it streams it live. You can play and pause this stream as you read through them to catch up.

Since Curiosity landed on Mars (see my previous posts here and here for photos), there has been a number of images and memes about the rover, some funny, some cheeky, others are just darn lame. A lot of them though were based on “curiosity killed the cat”. The following are a collection of images I found while going through #Curiosity on Google+.

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Curiosity: True to its name

Sunset on Mars

True to its name, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been at work faster than I thought, adding more photos from Sol 2 since it landed on Mars. After some “health” check on itself, MSL finally lifted its navigation camera sending some more breath-taking photos of its surroundings – and of itself. The amazing thing about this is the fact that the camera is mounted high above the ground, about 2 metres high. This allows MSL to take better photos of the landscape providing a better view. You can see from the earlier photos taken with the navcam a better view of the outer rim of the crater than the ones found yesterday.

You can see previous photos in my last post. NASA has also provided a video gallery related to MSL which include a collection of photos of the heat shield dropping off Curiosity.

Found this on Google+ : Mars in Colour


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Human on Mars : Is Curiosity Proof of What’s To Come?

Curiosity Rover’s First Photo

I’m not sure where you have been if you don’t know what Curiosity is or if you haven’t heard of the latest news on Mars but just in case you’ve been living under a rock, NASA sent a robot called Curiosity Rover to Mars and after an 8 month journey from Earth, Curiosity landed successfully and a number of images of from the historic event followed suit.

I’ve been following the news on Twitter, Google+ and on various websites since before it landed and have currently accumulated a number of images taken by Curiosity itself or photos related to the event which I thought I’d share and post here. But here’s a thought, an 8 month journey isn’t impossible for a human to go through, does this mean that travelling to Mars will soon be a reality? Perhaps, the main problem would be the travel. Flying through space seeing nothing but the stars passing by with no sense of direction for 8 long months would not be good for your mental health. Even if you’ve gone through that first 8 months, another 8 months of travelling back would equal 16 (provided that you don’t end up marrying a martian)! Who’d want to travel through vacuum that long? Even we get crazy driving through an open road of nothingness with the same horizon in front for one long hour.

In any case, this is a great achievement for mankind, proof of many possibilities for space travel. We have gone far from Columbus and the moon.

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