Anonymous-Dz : Microsoft-Dz

One of the many places I turn to when looking for the right images for a post is Google Images search. It’s fast, full of extra information and filterable. Now, Google Images has improved upon it’s google image layout showing more images in one page than before. Gone are the extra information that reveals its size and the url under the images during preview but as you hover over each image, the image pops up and shows the usual information.

It doesn’t stop there. Before, whenever you click on an image on the results page, you are then brought to the website with an annoying frame at the top which you can only remove by clicking on the “remove frame” link. Now, after clicking one of the results, you view the image in the center of the screen with the website faded in the background. You can then view the website by clicking anywhere in the faded area.

This is a major improvement on Google’s part which can help searching for images all the better.