Is The Job of A Leader to Control?

When leading, there are those who like control and there are those who like controlling. But when too much controlling is done, it takes the fun away from everything. What is the point of control if it is done without happiness and harmony? And even worse, at the cost of the trust from those who you work with? Sometimes, a little bit of freedom can go a long way.

Through out the years, I’ve seen many different kinds of leadership – I’ve been one and I’ve been under one. Even while being a leader, I was also the follower – and as one or the other, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

One of the best ways to make sure the people around you are happy with plans you came up with is by having a little discussion where you can ask for opinions from others. The person in charge of, say, creating an event should gather together everyone who will be involved to sit down and listen to the proposal. If that does not work, open the floor for suggestions before finalizing any kind of project. If it involves a group of people, you can’t just make the decisions by yourself. You can’t come up with one idea and expect everyone to be happy. From the few years I’ve been a leader in SEEDS, in our department and in any other group I’ve been in, I learned that being a leader means to share and listen. Total control is never the answer.

I like control because it lets me be organized but sometimes, it is just not the solution. You have to have some kind of freedom somewhere if not once in a while. Nobody likes to be chained to things they do not like.


Last Day At Work During Ramadhan 2012

The day is finally here! Just thought I’d share photos from the last day of work before the holiday.

Happy holiday everyone!

On the way to work on the boat

Ian – looking sad, gonna miss school?

Brunei River on a bright morning

One last time arriving at the jetty during Ramadhan